Basic SCUBA Equipment for Your First Dive

Basic SCUBA Equipment for Your First Dive

When you think of scuba diving, you might think that all you need are the basics, a wetsuit, a mask, snorkel, swim fins, and your oxygen tank. The truth of the matter is there are a lot more accessories that you can get to enhance your diving experience. Some of these accessories fall into almost required pieces whereas people might only consider others as fun accessories.

Beneficial Accessories

Once you have your mask, snorkel, wetsuit, and personal swim fins you might want to get a few other key scuba diving accessories to make sure your dive is a safe one. There are essentials many people choose to get to help have the most hassle-free, and trouble free, dive possible. The following are some of the accessories people get to help ensure a safe and successful scuba dive.

  • Gloves – a set of quality diving gloves will not only protect your hands from the cold temperatures but also protect you from anything you may encounter while under the water.
  • Submersible pressure gauge – This is an essential piece of equipment that helps you monitor the amount of air in your tank. Without this, you could find yourself running out of the air.
  • Computer – Dive computers have a clear display, and offer information related to depth, time, ascent rate, previous dive information, and emergency decompression.
  • Buoyancy compensatorBuoyancy compensators help you maintain control while underwater. BC’s come in different styles the most popular of which is the jacket style. A good BC will have a weight system that helps keep yours from sinking or floating in ways that could create problems for you. Quality BC’s also have adjustable straps, bands, buckles, and releases as well as adjustable tank bands.

Here is how to put the basic gear on for the first time.

Fun Accessories

These accessories are both fun and highly useful when out on scuba diving tours. These are not required but can make life easier when out on a dive.

  • Gear Bags – Great for carting your gear around from home to whatever local
  • Travel luggage – Travel luggage is a large container for carting around your gear. This is excellent when traveling in something other than your vehicle.
  • Dive Lights – Lights come in assorted sizes and colors to help you see clearly when out exploring your favorite dive sites.
  • Tools & Knife accessories – Useful when you need to fix something or need a knife to cut yourself free in an emergency
  • Camera – An underwater camera is a great thing to take along to document your underwater adventures

Scuba diving is a fun and exciting sport that is only enhanced and easier to enjoy when using the proper equipment and accessories.

Going scuba diving is a thrilling experience for everyone. With the right equipment and scuba diving accessories, you can go from having an ordinary time to an amazing time!